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Sustainability at Bittium in 2023

Sustainability Program 2022–2025

In accordance with the new sustainability program for 2022–2025, Bittium has four focus areas: innovative and developing people; confidential customer relationships and secure products; corporate citizenship and sustainable business practices; and environmental sustainability.

Bittium monitors the progress of each focus area using selected indicators in accordance with its sustainability program and continuously develops its operations and performance.

The most important resources of Bittium’s business are highly competent people, a diverse work community free of discrimination, and taking care of employee well-being and competence. Bittium provides its employees with challenging and motivating jobs, and is committed to supporting their development and investing in their well-being.

Bittium is a reliable operator for all of its stakeholders. Stakeholder engagement is guided by good corporate governance as well as the company’s ethical principles and Code of Conduct. In customer relationships, sustainability is reflected in the way of working, the quality of products and the trust that characterizes the company’s customer relationships. Trust is the starting point for Bittium’s operations.

Sustainable business practices are a cornerstone of Bittium’s operations. It provides a solid foundation for risk management and represents a core value as well as a competitive advantage. Sustainability helps the company with long-term value creation.

Responsibility for the environment, the mitigation of climate change and resource-efficient solutions are key aspects of Bittium’s operations and their development. By maximizing the service life and recyclability of products, their total life cycle impact can be influenced. The company also strives to minimize the environmental impacts of its operations. The company’s performance is monitored through the environmental program.

Sustainability program