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Bittium in 2023

Bittium in Brief

Bittium is a Finnish technology company specializing in the development of reliable, secure communications and connectivity solutions, and healthcare technology products and services measuring and monitoring biosignals outside the hospital.

Bittium, formerly known as Elektrobit Ltd, was founded in 1985. It changed its name to Bittium after selling its Automotive business and the rights to the brand name Elektrobit on July 1, 2015. Bittium is a publicly listed company on Nasdaq Helsinki as BITTI.

Bittium operates in Finland, Germany, and the United States. The company decided at the end of 2023 to close its offices in Mexico and Singapore and continue operations in these countries with partners. Bittium headquarters is located in Oulu, and the company’s other Finnish offices are in Espoo, Kajaani, Kuopio, and Tampere.

At the end of 2023, Bittium had 526 employees, of which the majority were R&D engineers. In 2023, the Company did not undergo any significant changes in relation to its size, operating areas, ownership, distribution of shares, income formation, or the maintenance of operations.

At the beginning of 2022, Bittium started developing its operations towards independent business units. The renovation was completed during 2023. With the change, the company seeks a clearer focus for its operations, growth and improvement of the ability to generate results.

As part of this development, the company changed its organizational structure to serve its independent business units more efficiently. The operations of the entire group were reorganized by transferring, among other things, the previously jointly centralized group functions to a large extent to individual business segments according to the needs of the segment.

The company will start financial reporting based on the new segment structure from January 1, 2024. There are four reporting segments in the new reporting model: the company’s three business segments (Defense & Security, Medical and Engineering Services) and the Group Functions segment. The goal of moving to a new reporting structure is to improve transparency into the company’s business segments and their development.

Bittium operates globally. With regards to sustainable business, Bittium’s products and services comply with the statutory requirements, directives, general standards, and frameworks, such as SA 8000 (social responsibility), ISO 14001 (environmental systems), RoHS I, II, III (hazardous substances), REACH (chemicals regulations), WEEE recyclability of waste electrical and electronic equipment), ETJ+ / ISO 50001 (energy efficiency), and GRI G4 (reporting guideline for sustainable development). As a global enterprise, the Company also takes the special requirements of its international customers into account.

Bittium’s Mission

Our mission is to utilize our world-class expertise and innovation to enable secure embedded technology for the benefit of people and societies.

Bittium’s Vision

Our vision is to become a global player in building embedded secure technology solutions within complex environments.

Business Model