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Sustainability at Bittium in 2023

Megatrends Affecting Bittium’s Business

One megatrend that has a huge effect on Bittium’s operations is digitalization, which has affected all areas for several years already, and the different manifestations of which create both business threats and business opportunities. The digital transformation in society will continue with increased investments in networks formed by smart devices, people, and processes. Digitalization increases efficiency and enables better allocation of resources.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The growing importance of IoT requires the integration of operating processes and secure IoT solutions to achieve efficiency advantages. The tools and approaches we use in developing our operations include robotic processes and testing automation as well as data visualization. The company develops challenging IoT solutions with high information security requirements for its customers.

Digitalization and the ageing population

The ageing of the population and population growth make the digitalization of health care crucial for maintaining the productivity and coverage of services. Remote monitoring, wireless solutions, new home-based care methods as well as faster and more efficient health data analysis are among the technological solutions Bittium has developed for its customers.

Information security

The progress of digitalization and technologies brings with it an increase in information security threats. Cyber security breaches are among the most significant threats associated with digitalization. Stricter information security and regulatory requirements are reflected in the operations of the company and its customers. The requirements are also expanding to cover new sectors and applications, and the importance of information security certification is growing. Bittium recognizes these rapidly increasing sector-specific requirements and keeps itself on the leading edge of the industry in responding to them.

Geopolitical uncertainty

The world’s geopolitical situation creates uncertainty in the market outlook. States have increased their defense budgets, and interest in modernizing tactical communication systems to meet the needs of modern warfare has grown. Bittium’s products support the modern way of fighting, where the mobility and management of troops from the movement as well as effective communication are the key.