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Sustainability at Bittium in 2023

Sustainability Organization and Risk Management

Bittium has a separate sustainability working group, which develops, monitors, and assesses key sustainability indicators and the achievement of targets. The working group is tasked with the management and scanning of sustainability risks as well as sustainability reporting in the company.

The sustainability working group is led by the Vice President, Communications and Sustainability. The group has six (6) members: the CEO; Vice President, Communications and Sustainability; Chief Legal Officer; CFO; Director, Human Resources; and Head of Quality and the Environment. The sustainability working group holds quarterly meetings and prepares the sustainability report. Bittium’s management and the Board of Directors review the sustainability report annually (management review).

Bittium’s Management Group discusses sustainability issues, monitors the effectiveness of sustainability measures, and sets sustainability targets in its twice-yearly management review. The Management Group is also responsible for implementing sustainability plans and actions in day-to-day operations.

The Audit Committee of Bittium Corporation’s Board of Directors discusses sustainability issues on a regular basis and as needed. The Audit Committee oversees the company’s preparations for the introduction of the new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive.  The Committee monitors the company’s sustainability reporting and the assurance thereof.

The Board of Directors of Bittium Corporation discusses sustainability issues on the basis of the Management Group’s proposals and approves the company’s annual sustainability report.

The management of risks related to the company’s operations and the operating environment, as well as the relevant processes, are described in Bittium’s Corporate Governance Statement.

Sustainability Management at Bittium