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Sustainability at Bittium in 2023

Reporting Basics and Principles

Scope of Reporting

This sustainability report published as part of the annual report is the sixth extensive report on the management and implementation of sustainability at Bittium. Bittium updated its sustainability program in 2022. In accordance with the updated program, Bittium has implemented sustainability-related themes by developing metrics and providing more extensive information on the impacts of its operations. The sustainability program is an updated version of the 2020–2022 sustainability program, which was based on a materiality analysis carried out in 2019. The aim of the materiality analysis was to establish an understanding of the stakeholders’ views regarding Bittium’s previously selected focus areas in sustainability. The focus area objectives and metrics of the sustainability program were updated to strengthen the company’s objectives related to being a responsible corporate citizen in society.

To enable comparison, Bittium’s sustainability report is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards framework. The table at the end of the report contains references to the relevant elements of the GRI Standards framework.

The report covers Bittium’s four sustainability focus areas and a description of financial effectiveness. The financial data is collected from Bittium’s financial information systems, and the majority of personnel data is from HR management systems. Environmental figures are collected from the company’s own systems and from reports provided by service providers, such as the company’s travel agency and waste management provider. The reported financial figures are based on Bittium’s audited financial statements from 2022 and 2023.

The reporting model was selected on the basis of Bittium’s sustainability principles, taking into account the GRI framework and the focus areas of Bittium’s business: wireless, secure communications in B2B operations. Bittium has customers both in Finland and in other countries. The operations and most of the personnel are nevertheless located in Finland.

The sustainability report will be published online in electronic format in connection with the Group’s annual report at www.bittium.com and https://annualreport.bittium.com.

Scope of the Report

The period covered by the sustainability report is the same as the financial period, January 1–December 31, 2023.

The company reports the consumption of electricity, heat and water for all of its owned premises as well as those offices in Finland where the company is on rent and the company only uses a part of the premises in the office building. In addition, the company separately reports environmental responsibility metrics (waste, water, electricity, heating) from the Oulu location. To calculate the carbon footprint, the company uses, in addition to all of the above-mentioned information, emissions from travel, which the company calculates from its own systems, as well as from emission reports obtained through the travel agency.

The report does not cover all suppliers or service providers. In other respects, the report covers all the operations of Bittium Corporation and its subsidiaries.

Reporting Principles and Guidance

Financial reports are governed by the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and governance reports comply with the legislation on listed companies and the Finnish Corporate Governance Code that applies to listed companies. The reported financial data is based on audited financial statements.

Principles and Practices for External Verification

The GRI Standards were applied in the preparation of the 2023 report. The sustainability report has not been verified by an independent third party. The figures presented in the “Financial effectiveness” section are based on the Group’s audited financial statements.

In 2023, Bittium began preparing for reporting in compliance with the EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, and these preparations will continue in 2024. The company will conduct a double materiality analysis and update its sustainability program in accordance with the results of the analysis.

Bittium’s Sustainability Contact Person:

Karoliina Malmi,
Vice President, Communications and Sustainability
[email protected]