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Strategy Implementation in 2022

Bittium´s goal is to be a major international supplier of secure and reliable communication solutions for the defense and authority markets, a leading supplier of industrial connectivity solutions and R&D services, and a major supplier of measurement and remote diagnostics solutions for the measurement and analysis of biosignals.

At the beginning of 2022, Bittium started developing its operations towards independent business units. On December 21, 2022, the company announced that it will continue to develop its operations towards independent business units with the aim of starting business-specific segment reporting by the beginning of 2024 at the latest. Although the technological know-how needed in the company´s operations is similar, the business units´ customers and market dynamics are very different. The goal of the development is to bring business management and decision-making closer to the market and thus improve the speed of decision-making and strengthen the company´s position in the markets. The change also speeds up the adaptation of the business units to the surrounding market situations, enabling the creation of ever-increasing added value for customers.

The three business units are: Medical Technologies, Defense & Security, and Connectivity Solutions.

  • The Medical Technologies business unit consists of three business areas, which are measuring and analyzing the electrical activity of the heart (ECG) (Cardiac), measuring and analyzing the electrical activity of the brain (EEG) (Neuro), and Home Sleep Apnea Testing (Sleep). In the coming years, alongside the product business, the company will invest in diversifying the software business and increasing the turnover it generates. In the Medical Technologies business, the focus will be on increasing the international customer base and market shares.
  • In the Defense & Security business unit, the company offers secure communication solutions for the authority, defense, and other professional user markets. The business consists of tactical communication solutions targeted to the defense market and high-security communication solutions targeted to the authorities. Over the past years, the company has made significant investments to expand its product portfolio. The products and systems are now internationally at a very competitive level in terms of coverage and technical features. In the next phase, the company will utilize the previously made product development investments and invest strongly in international sales and marketing. The company´s goal is to significantly grow the international product business and achieve an internationally significant position as a provider of tactical communication and high-security communication solutions.
  • In the Connectivity Solutions business unit, the company offers its customers product development services and wireless connectivity solutions for the development of new innovative products in a secure and developing wireless environment. In the coming years, the company will focus on growing its international customer base in the Telecom, Industrial IoT, and MedTech market segments.

Bittium has made significant product development investments in its own products and solutions between 2018 and 2022. These product development investments have been completed, and the company is moving from product development-focused product portfolio expansion to international business expansion and growth. Bittium is aiming for international growth in the product business in both tactical communication solutions and medical technology products and services in the coming years.

Bittium continues to explore inorganic growth opportunities and is ready to invest in acquisitions that support the company´s growth strategy.